I’ve made a lot of things in my free time mostly to try out new web technologies. I’ve also made some non-web things as well, but those aren’t as easy to show off.

The Datalinks is a recreation of the in-game manual of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. I really like the game, particularly how well the setting and atmosphere was done. The voice quotes whenever you discover a new technology were what really made the game for me and I’ve included those into the site. I also tried my very best to capture the original look and feel from the game using HTML and CSS.


Audventure is a clone of the Gameboy Advance game, bit generations: Soundvoyager. The game really got my interest as the main mechanic involves navigating via sound. The original game was comprised of 5 different minigames, but I’ve only really implemented one of them.


GTFS.html is a viewer for transit data in the GTFS format. I work a lot with GTFS for and it helps quite a lot to be able to visualize the GTFS quickly instead of looking at the raw CSV files or actually loading it into the routing engine and testing manually.


Typingfreaks is a clone of an old Japanese flash game called TypingMania. It’s a speed typing game where you have to type lyrics (mainly Japanese) in time with the song as it’s playing.